We are looking for Brand Ambassadors for our exciting brand around the world!

At the stiXskin.com we work with passion about what we do and promote the lifestyle of working outside of an office environment. If you are involved with hiking or rambling group, instructor of Nordic walking or Skiing, blogger or just a member of eg. walking, hockey, fishing camping, caravning club, and if you consider yourself as a social media fan - then the role is probably perfect for you. You will have to provide credible, trustworthy promotion and visibility for stiXskin.com. As brand ambassador we would require you to promote us on any of them (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Having large network of friends or followers would be a big adventage. Promoting the website, reviewing our latest designs and becoming affiliate seller of stiXskin (and earn commision) are some of the aspects of the role. Does it sound itteresting? If you are interested then please conatct us on hello@stixskin.com