Lemons (pair)

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  • StiXskins are decorative, vinyl wraps. StiXskins let you easily and inexpensively personalise your poles. StiXskins suit every type of poles including fixed, telescopic, adjustable and pop-up. StiXskins are perfect to poles/ sticks used for Nordic walking, hiking, trekking and skiing. StiXskins are suitable to all types of walking aids including crutches, frames and wheelchairs.
  • BUY 2 GET 3 PAIRS of stiXskin (same design) – offer applies automatically -  simply add to basket 3 pairs at one time (see drop down menu above) and pay just for 2 pairs!
  • We care about your safety! To every pair of StiXskin we will include Hi-Vis reflective strap – so you can stay safer and enjoy whatever you do at night! (hi-vis reflective straps are 50 CM long and 5 MM wide to go along entire length of the stiXskin /poles/ stick) 
  • Before the purchase please measure or estimate the size of the surface you plan to apply the stiXskin on.
  • StiXskins are very easy to apply, cut to size and to remove (watch tutorials) 
  • note: if you plan to cover entire surface of long (eg. fixed length or skiing) or thick shaft poles (eg. Bungy Pump or walking frames) you will need adequate number of stiXskin wraps – for instance pair of stiXskin for one pole).  Each individual wrap is 50 CM long and 5.2 wide (to suit the most common 16mm diameter tube) and it comes in pairs. 
  • StiXskins are weather and waterproof!
  • With every order you will receive detailed manual on how to effectively apply the stiXskins.
  • Please also look at the ‘Tutorials’ section on the website to find out how to apply the stiXskin.