Multifunctional waist belt with drink bottle and 3 zip pockets - PRO X WALKER

    • COMFORTABLE FIT - The breathable air mesh padding ensures comfort and can be worn over all clothing. Belt has embedded micro rubber threads so it perfectly snuggles fabric on your waist and protects from belt moving round
    • Includes drink bottle plus have 3 convenient zipped pockets (2 small on the front and 1 large at the back) provide safe space for a phone (even larger size smartphones), tissues, snack, keys or dog treats
    •  It is light and small so you can easily take it with you on a trip outside the town, work, into public transport or on holiday
    • Adjustable length (4 buckle system allows user to adjust length of the waist belt (from 50 CM to 120 CM)
    • Water resistant (inside layer of each pocket is laid with water resistant fabric)
    • Made in Germany (bottle is Swiss made) with the highest quality
    • Includes 2 anchor point if you ever wanted to add Pro X Walker device to you walking routine


    Please note that this listing does not include Pro X Walker resistance hand devices