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USE ON ANY POLE OR STICK - Our versatile wraps are designed to fit perfectly on any kind of stick. With a length of 50 cm x 5.2 cm, this vinyl wrap can fully cover your poles regardless of the type.

PERSONALISE YOUR STICKS - Get the style that's right for you with over 80 designs to choose from. Each self adhesive vinyl wrap is made with UV-protected ink so the colors don't fade over time.

ALWAYS LOOKS BRAND NEW - You won't have to worry about tarnishing the new wraps on your poles. We added a laminated coating on our vinyl stickers so they don't get scratched or damaged easily.

FAST & EASY APPLICATION - Our vinyl covers are easy to cut, apply, or even remove for your convenience. Each set of vinyl adhesive covers also comes with a comprehensive manual to help you.

STAY SAFE AT NIGHT - Your safety is our priority. Apart from our bright-coloured designs, our product also comes with a high-visibility reflective strap. Stay seen at night whatever you're doing.


Nordic walking sticks and hiking or skiing poles often come in plain or bland designs. More often than not, there will be hundreds of other people with the same design. If you're someone who needs a walking stick on a daily basis, such as cranes or crutches, or you just love activities like trekking and hiking, you're probably looking for a way to level up your sticks and make them look more unique. Luckily, colourful vinyl wraps are here to make your poles look so much better.

ABreathe life into your plain Nordic walking sticks with the StiXskin Coloured Decorative Vinyl Wraps!


Like any equipment that you use, your poles need protection too. With our wraps, you're sure that your stick's body is safe from damages or scratches. Now, you can move all you want without worrying about your pole's condition. Plus, we also made sure that our covers are just as protected. Each wrap is designed using UV-protected inks that will not fade away quickly no matter the weather. On top of this, we gave our wraps a laminated finish so it's safe from scratches.


You don't have to have a hard time when covering your items. Our vinyl papers are easy to cut according to your stick's size and they're also easy to apply. In case you want to try out a new design for your poles, we also made sure our product is easy to remove without leaving any adhesive residue on your stick. We want to make sure you get everything right the first time. We added manual instructions in 6 languages so you can apply our wrap more effectively.


When you're walking, hiking, fishing, or skiing outside at night, it can be dangerous because other people may not be able to see you. Sometimes, instances like this can cause accidents. Make sure that you're visible using the help of your sticks that are covered in bright wraps. With each pair, we've included a high-visibility strap that can help you stay completely visible at night. Let people see you easily when you're outside even in the dark.


Our vinyl wraps are designed and made in the United Kingdom with only high-quality materials. We made sure we used durable vinyl paper and long-lasting ink so you get the best look when you wrap our vinyl sleeves around your poles. Our product comes in three sets so you have the option to pick what size is right for you. Choose from our sets of 1 pair, 2 pairs, or 3 pairs of vinyl wraps. Please remember to measure your poles before placing an order.

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