Pro X Walker | YOUR PERSONAL WALKING TRAINER AND COMPACT GYM ON THE GO - ALLin1 | out & indoors | walking | running | physiotherapy | rehab | dog walking | buggy walks | Nordic Walking | Pilates (standard belt)


Strength of resistance: SMART (0.6 KG)

SMART (0.6 KG)

Resistance fitness training tool on the go, outdoors and indoors, ideal for effective walking or running with pram, stroller or a dog, used in Pilates, physiotherapy, body conditioning.


The Pro-X Walker is a multifunctional personal walking trainer. It is a dynamic and versatile durable sports equipment that will take your walking and fitness training to a new level. 

It is a light weight, durable and very portable “outdoor gym” that you can stow away in a hand bag or laptop bag.


How does it work?

Imagine you are walking, swinging your arms to and fro. You are holding a small handset in each hand. Each one has a light weight traction cable, that is attached to a comfortable waist bag. Each arms swing, or movement, effectively giving arms and shoulders a resistance workout - it makes your walking an effective and joint-friendly whole body workout. 


When would I use it?

The Pro-X Walker is your personal compact gym. It easy to take to work for a cheeky lunchtime workout, or pushing a buggy or dog walking, or watching Junior at ballet or football, or watching TV... The Pro-X Walker is a pocket size multi function power walking work out. 


Why do I want to use it?

This is perfect endurance training and stamina building to compliment other sports such as Nordic Walking, skiing, tennis, golf, or just to tone up and strengthen the body.


Is it a sustainable exercise?

Turbo charge your power walk into an upper body workout by adding the convenient and comfortable Pro-X Walker belt. You can achieve a similar upper body workout as one could get with walking fitness poles but without some of the hazards, distress and awkwardness from incorrect or poor technique.



·     The convenient multifunction zipped pocket on the belt provides a safe space for a phone, tissues, house keys, dog treats or energy bar. Watch inspirational videos on youtube (type in ‘pro x walker’ )

·     Enables joint friendly total body actions without vibrations in the shoulders, elbows and wrists. Benefit from the high performance resistance spring made of a special steel and snag free durable traction cable of nylon. Note that resistance is even through full cable stretch providing unique, effective and safe resistance experience.

·     The breathable air mesh padding ensures a comfortable fit and can be worn over most clothing. Belt has embedded micro rubber thread so it perfectly snuggles fabric on your waist and protects from belt moving round.  Search for specialist Pro X Walker gloves (made by stiXskin) with silicone grip to complement the experience.

·     Easy start and easy stop if you need your hands free. The two handsets are made of impact resistant ABS plastic with non-slip elastomer insert. It can easily be adjusted.

·     Its compact and light, ideal to take with you on holiday. The Pro-X Walker has the unique high quality Carl Stahl Kromer (Made in Germany) drive mechanism inside (even resistance through full range of movement to maximise benefits and increase safety of exercises). This has a robust high-capacity pen made of special steel and lift cords of nylon


Additional Information
Strength of resistance

SMART (0.6 KG), MEDIUM (0.8 KG), STRONG (1.0 KG)