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These poles have everything you would expect to have with proper Nordic walking poles to provide you comfort and confidence in performing Nordic walking correctly so to gain the benefits while you can fully enjoy it:
- made of light, durable aluminum ( Made in Italy from extra durable and light aluminum used in aviation) 

- full, releasable (detachable) hand strap (made for 2021 season from fully breathable, quick-dry, light 3D fabric) 
- slim, comfortable grip
- angled rubber paws
- carbide tip (harden then any surface you will walk on if you prefer not to use rubber paws) 
- full spectrum adjustable length from 85 CM to 125 CM
- length markers are embedded in the bottom shaft with laser technique so the markings do not wear off over time (Fizan is the only brand who does that) StiXskin is applied on the top section and below the size marks on the lower shaft.

Let us know if you require any other personalization from artwork available on stiXskin shop - we can provide it without extra charge. 


    1. LASER SIZING MARKS Fizan is the only producer to use the laser to mark the setting of the measurements in the telescopic poles. This process guarantees unlimited resistance during use.
    2. GRIPS Fizan is continuously searching to improve design, functionality and comfort for ergonomic grips. This is why the best materials are used, light and comfortable.
    3. Carbide tip ensures strength and durability over time – race tip offers greater grip with the ground

The Nordic walking grip has been designed in its shape and materials to be light and ergonomic. The strap was made with breathable and comfortable materials for an innovative system, patented by Fizan. This system allows, through a small pressure on the in-out button, located on the top of the grip, to remove the strap very quickly. The system does not create vibrations during use. To make the strap even more functional, a reflective insert has been added for greater safety in the dark.

  1. Fizan uses only the two best alloys on the market: 7001 and 7075. These two materials allow us to work with thin but resistant thicknesses
  2. EXTERNAL LOCKING SYSTEM The Lever locking system is very intuitive and offers safe and secure tightness thanks to aluminum closer. The reduced dimensions keep a perfect balance of the pole during all aspects of trekking.
  3. INTERNAL LOCKING SYSTEM the Flex inner locking system is made with an aluminum pin and Delrin (DuPont material) expander. This assures a safe and constant tightness of more than 100kg (220 pounds) during use.